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Nutritionist & Naturopath & Bioarchitect in Molise Dr. Bruno Stellari


Learning how to feed is not just about learning how to manage your weight or your diet; of course, nutrition is primarily about knowing how to nourish in a healthy and specialized way. But also knowing how to breathe in a proper way, knowing how to think and feeling emotions in a healthy way is also nourishment. Taking chemical drugs is nutrition. To exchange with other experiences, thoughts, work, this too is to feed oneself. Knowing how to feed means knowing how to feed oneself, to ignore means, often, to develop diseases. One must get used to feeling one’s own body, one’s own person, asking oneself what disturbs us or what we need.


The concept of Naturopathy was founded around 400 BC with Hippocrates, whose medical schools were based on the principle “Vis medicatrix naturae”, healing force of nature, according to which the body has an innate ability to heal itself if properly helped by a correct lifestyle. In line with this founding principle the biotherapies, therapies on biological and bio-compatible basis, are the foundation of naturopathy. It involves the use of herbs and plant extracts, minerals and trace elements, hot-cold techniques, massages, aromatherapy, specific food styles, breathing techniques and body techniques, all focused on nurturing, supporting the body in eubiosis, that is to follow and support the biological growth, development and general well-being of the person.


Bioarchitecture is the set of disciplines of architecture and biology that presuppose an ecologically correct attitude towards the ecosystem. Bioarchitecture tends to integrate human activities with environmental pre-existences and natural phenomena, in order to achieve an improvement in current and future quality of life. Bioarchitecture aims to establish a balanced relationship between the environment and the built, satisfying the needs of current generations without compromising, with the indiscriminate consumption of resources.

About Me

The professional Studio Nutrition & Naturopathy & Bioarchitecture of the Dr. Bruno Stellari offers to the patients and clients specific professional advices in the field of personalized Diets, food's Allergies and Intolerances, Iridology, Naturopathy, Bach flowers, Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy, Bioarchitecture and Environmental design.



A personalized diet is elaborated on the basis of the biotype, age and health of the person.

A pathology diet is a specific diet for one or more pathological states present.

One or more food allergies are evident when the organism of a subject reacts abnormally, excessively, to some foods or ingredients, producing antibodies to the substances thet they contain.

Food intolerances have symptoms that are among the most varied and a symptomatology less immediate than that triggered by food allergies, but this is not to be underestimated.

Each constitution has specific nutritional needs that must be studied individually case-by-case.

The growth component will be greater during periods of the child fastest development, in the first lifes months and in the period of puberthy and then gradually decreas e as the rate of growth slows down.

The impedancemetry is a method used for the determination of the body composition (fat mass, lean mass, total water).

Many health problems arise from an imbalance of intestinal function.

Minerals, trace elements and vitamins are essential for a healthy life and faster recovery of one's well-being.


Its goal is the stimulation of the innate capacity of self-healing or return to the equilibrium of the human body, called homeostasis, through the use of techniques and remedies of different nature, or through the adoption of healthy lifestyles and in harmony with the "natural rhythms".

Iridology is a practice based on the observation of the iris of the eye which is considered a form of analysis on the state of health and predisposition of the individual to certain diseases.

Phytotherapy, from the Greek phytón (plant) and therapéia (care) is, in a general sense, the practice that involves the use of plants or plant extracts for the treatment of diseases or for the maintenance of psycho-physical wellbeing.

Bach flowers, or Bach flower remedies, are an alternative medicine designed by the British doctor Edward Bach. The floral remedies discovered by Bach release their "energy" or "vibrational memory" into the water, exposed to the early morning sun. At the basis of Bach's flower therapy is the principle according to which, in the care of a person, especially his emotions and his personality which determine the manifest symptoms in the body, must be taken into consideration: the single flower can start the process of transformation of the negative emotions in its positive trait, with a consequent disappearance of the physical symptom, since the latter is considered the final disturbance of a discomfort originating at another level, much deeper.

Gemmotherapy and meristem therapy concern the study and application of the healing properties of embryonic plant parts rich in meristematic tissues that can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Oligotherapy means a therapy (or rather a series of therapies) based on the administration of minimum quantities of trace elements. In our organism there are various minerals and metals that can be divided into two categories according to their concentration: trace elements, and macroelements.

Aromatherapy can be considered a branch of herbal medicine that uses essential oils, that is volatile and strongly odorant substances of plants.

Lithotherapy is a natural cure method that uses the beneficial action of stones and rocks.

The basis for maintaining good health starts with the concept of hygiene and detoxification of tissues and organs. Naturopathy helps us through the use of remedies and specific methods for achieving this goal.

In the scientific literature the following elements are normally considered heavy metals: aluminum, iron, silver, barium, beryllium, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, lead, copper, tin, titanium, thallium, vanadium, zinc, and some metalloids with properties similar to those of heavy metals, such as arsenic, bismuth and selenium. Within the interior of heavy metals are distinguished the metals indispensable for living organisms, with potential toxicity, namely: iron, cobalt, chromium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc; from metals considered predominantly toxic: aluminum, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, mercury, nickel and lead.

They are preparations based on mineral salts homeopathically diluted, which are recommended when the body is no longer able to properly metabolize the mineral salts taken with the diet. They are free of contraindications and side effects, they can be taken even in pregnancy and by very young children. When combined with proper nutrition, they promote both physical and biological and psycho-physical well-being


Good health also depends on the quality of the domestic and urban context in which we live. The N & N & B studio can provide specialized advices and planning in the field of bio-architecture and ecology.

Our body can be subject to disorders and to real diseases if exposed to disturbing fields from the place where we live. It can be natural or generated by human activities. Specific tests can help us identify them.

The interaction between man and nature very often causes a disturbance or a degradation of the second. To promote the most effective restoration of the environment we offer specific advices and design for this purpose.

Where man meets nature, there is often the need to design areas for aesthetic, recreational and work needs. Parks, urban and non-urban gardens, buffer zones in productive and industrial areas, hanging gardens, the N & N & B studio offers customized consultancy and planning.

The feng shui (風水 T, 风水 S, fēng shuǐP) is an ancient Taoist geomantic art of China, auxiliary to architecture, akin to Western geomancy. Unlike this, however, also takes into consideration aspects of the psyche and astrology.


Lubov P.

I thank Dr. Bruno Stellari for his competent approach to my medical problem and for his delicate and pleasant communication. The natural treatment, which was suggested by the doctor, relieved me from a chronic skin disease. I diligently followed all his advice and within 3 weeks got a good result. I wish Dr. Bruno good luck in his medical practice. I recommend Dr. Bruno for advices and treatments.

Eleonora Maria P

I went for a consultation by dr. Stellari as recommended by a friend. I suffered from a severe abdominal swellings for a long time, almost everything I ate bothered me, I had troubles digesting anything. Sometimes water also bothered. The doctor greeted me courteously and affably, immediately putting me at ease. Checked the foods that bothered me, I have been recommended some supplements and assigned a specific diet. Following his advices I felt better immediately and I also lost a few pounds in a matter of days. Personally I found myself very well.

D. Di Biase

I learned of Dr. Stellari thanks to some friends from Termoli that I have to thank again! Initially, to be honest, my only goal was just to take off the weight, to remove (but above all to not take back again ...) these damned pounds that have haunted me forever ... .withstanding so many, so many diets "hungry". Following the advices of the doctor and thanks to his psychological support, the results I am achieving are excellent and satisfactory for me! I lost a good 20 kg ... I dropped 3 sizes ... but the most important thing: the general well-being ... more energy, good mood, self-confidence, desire to be with others, to do things! Dr. Stellari is a specialist to rely completely on! By following his advice, you acquire a healthy and correct lifestyle! All my gratitude!