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Nutritionist & Naturopath & Bioarchitect in Molise Dr. Bruno Stellari

About Us

From the youngest age I have shown a growing interest in the natural world: plants, animals, creation all intrigued me so much that spending whole days in nature was, for me, the favorite activity, it did not weigh at all. These years spent in nature have represented the basis, the fundamental humus that have marked me and greatly facilitated the understanding of natural mechanisms. What is learned during the young age remains deeply memorized in me for the whole life to come.

After completing my scientific maturity I enrolled at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Parma. At a later time, driven by specific needs, I made the decision to move to the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the University of L’Aquila. Here I obtained my degree in Biological Sciences and the subsequent qualification for the exercise of my profession.

But curiosity kept pushing me towards further fields of study; what has always interested me was the understanding of the mechanisms that characterize the vital phenomena. During the period of compulsory traineeship I had the opportunity to learn the preparation techniques and the theory concerning some specific herbal preparations, called gemmoteraphy ​​or, better said, derived from primary and secondary plant meristems. I also learned the fundamental basics of aromatherapy.

The furrow had been traced; so I enrolled and then I graduated in Naturopathy. At the same time the Diploma of personal trainer.

It was therefore a matter of a theoretical and practical training course in which the health of a person came to be considered as a unique blend of nuances and a peculiar personal history. Evaluating people in a standardized way, at my eyes, was quite limiting. And, objectively, it is in fact.

Among the various factors that can affect the health of a person is also to consider the physical place where it lives, their home, the workplace, the place where they spend most of their time, they can be themselves cause of organic imbalance and, subsequently, of diseases. Previously I had never dwelled on this eventuality until I decided to enroll in postgraduate courses in Bio-architecture held by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University of Urbino before and, subsequently, by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna.

What may seem to be a linear course of study in reality did not exactly have a temporal progression in simple succession: as in many of the things of life this is intertwined with that, paths are closed and others that were thought to be concluded reopen all ‘sudden. And in this interweaving of Brownian events I became passionate about the oriental world and, specifically, martial arts and beyond. I achieved the black belt in Shotokan style Karate and I trained in Rome in the energy discipline called The Light of Life, of the Taoist master H.J. Lee.

These paths, apparently different from each other, actually have a common matrix: the human being is composed of many factors, genetic, biochemical, physical, emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual, but the rules that underpin all this are rules common to all systems: the small manifests the large, in the smallest part there is a reflection of the entire universe.

As it will be easy to understand I have traveled a lot in my life I have lived experiences of study and work both in Italy and abroad. From Rome to Florence, passing through Arezzo, Rimini, Riccione, Pesaro, Bologna, L’Aquila, Cortina D’Ampezzo and other places, all this traveling in order to grasp a small part of what we are and how to help this be us themselves to keep us healthy, without delegating to others, remaining in ignorance.

Those who know me will be able to appreciate, I hope, this innovative approach and, in some ways, not so immediate to understand.

The professional studio Nutrition & Naturopathy & Bioarchitecture of dr. Bruno Stellari offers patients and clients specific advice in the field of nutrition, personalized food plans, allergies and food intolerances, iridology and naturopathy, Bach flowers, aromatherapy, bio-architecture and environmental design, parks and gardens.